The legal status of Voice-EUROPE

The legal status of Voice-EUROPE

To Voice (Vietnamese overseas initiative for conscience empowerment)
Attn : Trịnh Hội
Executive Director

May 9th, 2018.

Dear Hội,

Coming back to the question of language, you know Hội, there are so many dictionnaries! words are only words, nevertheless, they carry connotations and whether one wants or not, one cannot prevent the perception of people dragging different bagages with them!

If you cannot use “sister organisation”, too verbal, so you said, we beg you to definitely ban “subsidiary” (chi nhánh) from all conversation, document.

To us “affiliate” is NOT appropriate because it can also mean “integrated”, “incorporated”, “bound”, etc…!

Independence is dear to our heart and we want to be called “partner” ; as we did so far, we collaborate on some issues, after discussion, as agreed. And please write “Voice-EUROPE” this way from now on.

We believe you will instruct Voice staff accordingly ; we will inform our other partners. Thanks Hội,

on behalf of Voice-EUROPE,

Lương Thế Hương

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