Forum 2000 in Prague (Czech) 2017

Tiring but so instructive, inspiring … my trip to Prague !

First day, excited but at ease because cloudy Prague resembled so much to Brussels, then minor problems to get to the apartment we shared.

Very good idea, thanks to Anna ; that allows us to know each other better, spend more time together… in the end, all we need is a bed to lie down and a kettle for the numerous coffees, right ?

From there we hopped in and out to different premises and places, because the conferences were multiple and took place in numerous rooms ! I was delighted to find out “Mr. A” (Dr. Nguyen Quang A) was invited as speaker by the organisers of  “Forum 2000”  to discuss several issues ; I tried to attend most them naturally, for all the subjects are very interesting from different angles.

Despite our busy agenda, I discovered a Vietnamese restaurant where they hang Vietnamese calligraphy as I like (foto) and a vegetarian one with very nice dishes ! Thanks, Lucy !

Moreover, believe me or not, I’ve made acquaintance with new friends, Czech and speaking  -oh, so good- Vietnamese, and we chatted for hours on various occasions ! I love it !

Altogether, so beneficial ; I hope we’ll have more similar opportunities in the future to develop, and strengthen our network ; it is definitely so valuable to work together and exchange our views, in these “uncertain times” !

Thanks to all, the organizers, friends and colleagues who had made the Forum successful.

Lương Thế Hương

*For more conferences, please follow the link:

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